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Telephonic Pre-Hearing Conferences in Arizona Industrial Claims

I shouldn’t tell this secret, because telephonic pre-hearing conferences are great for business.  Many injured workers who have decided to represent themselves in their Industrial Commision hearings, get the notice for the “telephonic pre-hearing conference” and freak out and break down and call a lawyer.  Pre-hearing conferences are actually very brief informal discussions between the …

I Lost My Workers Comp Hearing – Should I Appeal?

Probably about 10% of the potential new clients that we meet with tried to represent themselves before the Industrial Commission of Arizona and bring in an unfavorable decision from the Administrative Law Judge.  This is kind of like going to a surgeon after trying to do the surgery yourself and failing… Generally speaking, your best …

Should an Injured Worker Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits?

There is a reason that most Arizona law firms that practice workers’ compensation also handle Social Security Disability claims.  The two go hand in hand.  It only took me ten years to realize this.  When I have represented a client in his or her Workers (Workmans) Compensation Claim, I already have all of his medical …

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