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Pain and Suffering for Arizona Work Injury?

Many of our clients ask us if they will get damages for their “pain and suffering” from their Arizona workers compensation claim.  The short answer is “no”.  Damages in Arizona for work injuries are limited to the full cost of medical bills (everything – surgery, therapy, medications, walkers, crutchers – everything) and compensation for time …

Workers Compensation Attorney Suffers Work Injury!!!

The lengths that I will go to to relate with my clients.  On January 6th I tore several ligaments and both menisci in my right knee playing for the Snow and Carpio Soccer Team.  The team (which I discussed in a previous post), is a collection of employees, family, clients, and friends of our firm.  I have filed …

Social Security Disability Benefits

  A poll done several years ago showed that almost 60% of American workers had no idea that they have disability insurance in case of a prolonged inability to work due to a physical or mental condition. The Social Security and Supplemental Security Income disability programs are the largest of several Federal programs that provide …

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