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Unscheduled Injuries in Arizona Workers (Workmans) Comp

In the last post, we discussed “scheduled” injuries and how they are compensated.  This post deals with “unscheduled” injuries, which by definition are all of those injuries which do not fall cleanly within the Industrial Commission of Arizona’s “Schedule of Impairments” found at ARS 23-1044.  These are usually for injuries to the back, shoulder, neck, …

What is a “Scheduled” Injury in Arizona Work Comp Case?

When I tell my clients that they have a “scheduled” injury, they often look at me with a puzzled look, like they’re thinking “I didn’t plan my injury, much less schedule it.”  This term actually refers to the categorization of different types of permanent injuries in the “Schedule of Impairments” found at A.R.S., 23-1044.  The body …

Workmans Comp or Workers Comp – which is it?

I remember at one of my first hearings held at the Industrial Commission of Arizona, referring to it as a workman’s compensation case.  The female judge quickly asked, “Chad, are women not allowed to get injured in Arizona?” That was my introduction to one of the more interesting discrepancies in the history of Arizona work …

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