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Were they Hacked?

A recent Federal lawsuit filed by an injured worker in California is claiming that three of the nation’s largest workers compensation insurance carriers hacked into her lawyer’s database to illegally obtain information.   The suit, filed in California, is seeking class action status.  It was filed by Adela Gonzalez, a client of the Los Angeles workers …

I ended up with a permanent disability….

I ended up with a permanent disability,  so what am I entitled to? By Diana Robles, Attorney Tucson Office Snow, Carpio & Weekley Once you have reached a stable point in your recovery, or “maximum medical improvement,” your claim will be closed.  At that time your doctor will have to determine if you need any …

Further Hearings of Doctors Blog Written By: X. Alex Carpio, Partner/Attorney Snow, Carpio & Weekley I always tell my clients that their case is only as good as their own treating doctor says. If you do not have a doctor that will support your medical treatment, there will be no way a lawyer can fight …

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