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Further Hearings of Doctors
Blog Written By:
X. Alex Carpio, Partner/Attorney
Snow, Carpio & Weekley

I always tell my clients that their case is only as good as their own treating doctor says. If you do not have a doctor that will support your medical treatment, there will be no way a lawyer can fight for you and your claim in court. 
It is crucial in a workers’ compensation case to have a doctor who understands the legal process or is willing to talk to me before he or she testifies in Court. In my experience doctors who do not review their medical charts prior to hearings or who do not review the insurance carriers’ evidence prior to hearing make my clients’ cases more difficult to win in court. This is why I recommend that my clients change doctors who will do what is best for them and keep in communication with their attorney. 
Most cases hinge on Doctor vs Doctor conflicting medical opinions and the Judges have the difficult job of adopting one doctor’s opinion over the other. 
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