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I ended up with a permanent disability….

I ended up with a permanent disability,  so what am I entitled to? By Diana Robles, Attorney Tucson Office Snow, Carpio & Weekley Once you have reached a stable point in your recovery, or “maximum medical improvement,” your claim will be closed.  At that time your doctor will have to determine if you need any …

Further Hearings of Doctors Blog Written By: X. Alex Carpio, Partner/Attorney Snow, Carpio & Weekley I always tell my clients that their case is only as good as their own treating doctor says. If you do not have a doctor that will support your medical treatment, there will be no way a lawyer can fight …

How am I supposed to feed my family?

                 How am I supposed to feed my family?  by April Snow, Business Manager Snow, Carpio & Weekley One of the hardest parts of running a law firm that helps injured workers and those with disabilities is hearing the heartbreaking stories of what our clients go through when they …

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