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Endorsement of Endurance Rehab

If anyone has any kind of injury that requires physical therapy, I highly recommend Endurance Rehabilitation.  I was referred to Endurance by one of the Industrial Commission judges who had treated there, and I couldn’t be more pleased with the treatment I’ve received.  Having gone through extensive rehabilitation for a previous knee injury on two …

Phoenix, Arizona Doctors Aren’t Always Right

I had a doctor testify in a hearing today who I normally respect but who had it all wrong in this case. At issue was whether or not walking on crutches and placing all of one’s weight on their non-injured foot can aggravate an underlying asymptomatic condition in their heel. The Doctor’s Testimony This doctor, …

My Work Comp Claim Was Denied – What to Do?

Anyone following this blog will know that I filed my recent knee injury as a workers compensation claim.  Well, just like many of my workers (workmans) comp clients, I received a Notice of Claim Status denying my claim.  Many times a carrier will deny a claim simply because they only have 21 days to accept …

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