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Workmans Comp or Workers Comp – which is it?

I remember at one of my first hearings held at the Industrial Commission of Arizona, referring to it as a workMANS compensation case.  The female judge quickly asked “Chad, are women not allowed to get injured in Arizona?”  That was my introduction to one of the more interesting discrepancies in the history of Arizona work injury claims. 

When the Arizona Workmans Compensation Act was first enacted in the 1930’s, it was unashamedly called Workman’s Compensation.  However, over time, and with the onset of political correctness, the term slowly changed to Worker’s Compensation.  This more accepted term was officially codified in the Act sometime in the 1990’s and today it is more proper to refer to those injured on the job in Arizona as recipients of Workers Compensation

Nothing real important, just an interesting fact.

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