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Disturbing Talk About What Your Doctor Doesn’t Know in Phoenix, Arizona

I have an app on my I-phone to a website called ted.com that has interesting speakers lecturing about a variety of timely topics. Listened to one this morning that is jaw-dropping in its revelations about what doctors don’t know about the medications they prescribe and incredibly damning of the concept of “evidence based medicine” that …

What is a Functional Capacity Evaluation (Arizona Work Injury Claims)

In many Arizona workers compensation cases, the injured workers permanent restrictions dictate how much compensation is received for their injuries.  Determining permanent work restrictions is an art, and restrictions can vary significantly between doctors.  For example, John Beghin, a local spine surgeon who is the darling of the insurance carriers, believes that anyone who has had …

What Pharmacy to Use When Injured at Work in Arizona

A trend I have seen in the last couple of years in Arizona workers compensation claims is carriers trying to steer injured workers to use pharmacies with whom they have special discount arrangements.  Many times, the carrier will send out a “prescription card” or some other method of making the injured worker believe that they …

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