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What Pharmacy to Use When Injured at Work in Arizona

A trend I have seen in the last couple of years in Arizona workers compensation claims is carriers trying to steer injured workers to use pharmacies with whom they have special discount arrangements.  Many times, the carrier will send out a “prescription card” or some other method of making the injured worker believe that they are required to use that pharmacy or network.  As with many things carriers try to do, this is not the case!

Just like selecting a treating doctor, an injured worker in Arizona has the right to choose his or her own pharmacy.  Many doctors self-dispense medications which is a great convenience for the injured worker.  We have also had a very good experience and highly recommend Injured Workers Pharmacy(IWP), which is a very reputable nationwide pharmacy specializing in servicing those injured on the job.  What I like about IWP is that they fill the prescription immediately and deal with the insurance company later, which ensures that our clients get their medications as soon as possible. 

Any questions about medical treatment or pharmacy needs in an Arizona work injury claim can be directed to our firm through our website at Snow, Carpio, and Weekley.

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