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Big Win in Workers Compensation Claim for Undocumented Worker in Phoenix, Arizona

I recently received a Favorable Decision in a claim where the insurance carrier was attempting to avoid paying benefits because they had “found out” that my client (who had worked there 10 years) was an undocumented immigrant.  First of all, I refuse to call decent, hardworking people “illegal aliens”.  If that offends you, find another workers …

Update on HB2617

Word on the street is that House Bill 2617, which would have allowed full and final settlement of Arizona workers comp claims, is essentially dead on arrival.  A wide array of interests seem to have lined up against the bill, including the Industrial Commission – the state agency who oversees administration of on the job …

What I Learned About Immigration Law – Some Misconceptions

I recently tried to help a friend with some immigration issues and learned quite a bit about our country’s immigration problems.  HOW SCREWED UP IS OUR IMMIGRATION POLICY?  First, let me tell you about an experience I had on an airport shuttle a couple of years ago in Salt Lake City.  I struck up a …

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