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Arizona Legislature Tries to Screw Injured Workers

There is an old saying that while you might not take an interest in politics, politics definitely takes an interest in you.  That is very true for injured workers during this session of the Arizona legislature.  Two bills in particular could result in very negative changes for those injured on the job.  Representative Karen Fann from …

Update on HB2617

Word on the street is that House Bill 2617, which would have allowed full and final settlement of Arizona workers comp claims, is essentially dead on arrival.  A wide array of interests seem to have lined up against the bill, including the Industrial Commission – the state agency who oversees administration of on the job …

Employers Firing Injured Workers While on Light Duty

I’ve seen a very disturbing trend recently wherein unscrupulous employers and carriers take advantage of a recent change in the law to refuse temporary compensation to an injured worker.  The employer will offer “light duty” work to the injured worker, who accepts the accommodated employment.  The employer will then concoct a reason to fire the …

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