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Can I still get benefits if I am an undocumented worker in Phoenix, Arizona?

Can I still get benefits if I am an undocumented worker? by Attorney Diana Robles Absolutely!  Immigration status of a worker is not a factor for Workers’ Compensation benefits in Arizona.  In fact, Arizona laws expressly cover undocumented workers in its workers compensation statutes.  The Arizona Workers Compensation Act defines covered employees as “every person …

Big Win in Workers Compensation Claim for Undocumented Worker in Phoenix, Arizona

I recently received a Favorable Decision in a claim where the insurance carrier was attempting to avoid paying benefits because they had “found out” that my client (who had worked there 10 years) was an undocumented immigrant.  First of all, I refuse to call decent, hardworking people “illegal aliens”.  If that offends you, find another workers …

Why Do Illegal Aliens Get Workers Comp in Arizona?

O.K., I live in Arizona – we don’t have the best reputation for tolerance, love, and racial harmony.  Well then why does our legislature cover illegal aliens injured on the job?  The answers are many and very complex. First, you must understand a little history of Arizona Workers Compensation.  Before 1961, an employee who was …

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