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Different Issues in Work Comp Claim in Arizona

There are several different issues that can arise in an Arizona workers compensation claim.  Being able to identify these issues is usually the expertise of a workers compensation attorney.  Knowing the difference is extremely important in deciding what evidence to submit, what witnesses to call, and what your burden of proof is.  The main issues …

Phoenix, Arizona Doctors Aren’t Always Right

I had a doctor testify in a hearing today who I normally respect but who had it all wrong in this case. At issue was whether or not walking on crutches and placing all of one’s weight on their non-injured foot can aggravate an underlying asymptomatic condition in their heel. The Doctor’s Testimony This doctor, …

Letting the Insurance Carrier Pick Your Doctor

I had a potential client call me yesterday and cancel our appointment to meet because he said “the insurance carrier told me they would help me find a specialist, so I don’t need an attorney right now.”  He didn’t seem to understand that the insurance carrier might not have his best interest at heart.  He …

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