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Heart Injuries and Heart Attacks

Heart Injuries and Heart Attacks by Nick Wearne, Associate Attorney Snow, Carpio & Weekley, PLC Some work related injuries have special laws that govern whether they are compensable and how much benefit can be received.  One such law is Arizona Revised Statute 23-1043.01.  This section tells us what is required for a heart related injury …

General Worker’s Comp Information

Arizona Workers Compensation Information The attorneys at Snow and Carpio, PLC are an experienced advocate for the rights of Arizona workers. Arizona law requires almost all employers to carry workers compensation insurance. This insurance pays for medical treatment, rehabilitation therapy, lost wages, and some other expenses in the event a worker is injured on the …

Work Related “Stress” Injuries In Arizona Work Comp

We get a lot of calls from potential clients who want to file a workers comp claim because they have a lot of stress at work or their boss is just a jerk and they can’t handle it anymore. The short answer is, “get over it; we’re all stressed!” The long, more legal, and politically …

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