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Injuries that Occur Outside the State of Arizona

Occasionally we’ll have a client who lives in Arizona who is injured while working outside the state of Arizona.  These injured workers are still entitled to benefits under Arizona law in several circumstances.  First, if they were hired within the state, they are covered under Arizona law (A.R.S. 23-904(A)).  Employees injured outside the state are also entitled to compensation if they are “regularly employed” within the state.  “Regularly employed” depends on consideration of such factors as where the employee spends most of his or her work time, where the paychecks are issued, and where the job assigments originate. 

These types of injuries are frequent with over the road truck drivers, road construction crews, and other types of workers whose jobs may take them from time to time to other states.  For more detailed information, you should contact an attorney at Snow, Carpio, and Weekley.

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