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How To File Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a no-blame benefits program that reimburses workers for healthcare costs and lost income due to a job-related illness or injury. Although Arizona law necessitates most companies to obtain workers’ compensation insurance for their workers, most cases are dismissed.

This guide will walk you through the steps of submitting a workers’ compensation claim in Arizona. If you have any more concerns or require assistance in submitting a claim, reach the experienced Phoenix Workers’ Compensation Attorneys.

Report Your Injury Immediately

You have to notify your boss promptly of any illness or injury you sustain when working. Failure to notify your boss of an injury or disease as soon as possible may reduce or even eliminate your chance to get workers’ compensation benefits.

When notifying your employer, include as much information as feasible, such as:

  •       The accident’s place, time, and date
  •       Your accident’s cause
  •       The symptoms you are having

Your boss may also need you to complete a written accident report. This is a useful piece of proof, which could be utilized if your case is challenged. As a result, you must be as precise as practicable.

Consult A Healthcare Practitioner

After informing your boss of your illness or accident, your next action should be to pursue medical assistance to determine the severity of your condition.

Most bosses have the authority to order you to visit a physician of their choice. You are, nevertheless, only obliged to visit that physician once. If you opt to return to your boss’s preferred physician, you will be establishing that physician as your primary health professional.

Throughout your initial doctor’s visit, your doctor will diagnose your issue and recommend any required care. Ensure you inform your provider that your injury happened at the workplace.

Complete All Necessary Paperwork And Procedures

When you are in the doctor’s office or emergency department, the physician must give you a Worker’s and Physician’s Report of Injury Form. You and your doctor will both need to fill out sections of this form.

The physician will explain your condition and care, including when you can anticipate recuperating and whether your sickness or accident will leave you temporarily or permanently impaired.

The ‘Worker’s Report’ necessitates the employee must describe the place, date, time, and reason of your illness or accident, as well as additional information about themselves and their employer.

After that, the physician will have eight days to provide the form to the Industrial Commission of Arizona (ICA). One copy should also be given to your boss and their insurer. Arizona workers seeking to file a claim have a year from the date of injury to submit the form.

Approval or Denial of Your Worker’s Compensation Claim

When the ICA gets your paperwork, your boss’s insurance provider will be alerted of your claim, and you will get a letter containing insurer details.

If you fail to get a letter in 14 days following your injury report, you must reach the ICA to determine what is going on with your case. When the insurer obtains your claim, it will judge whether to accept or dismiss compensation in 21 days of notice.

The insurer will almost certainly review your case to see if the suggested benefits accurately represent your injury. Your lawyer advises you to stay truthful and accurate during the insurer’s inquiry.

Workers’ compensation claims are mostly extremely costly for insurance to fund. Thus, an investigator will scrutinize your hospital records and statements for dishonesty and contradictions. If you submit incorrect details, your case will most probably be dismissed.

If your case is validated, you will begin obtaining reimbursement for disability benefits and healthcare expenditures right away.

Consult a Skilled Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Not all workers’ compensation claims are straightforward. In fact, most of the claims are dismissed or the insurer may provide you with a lowball settlement offer. Therefore, employing the skills of a seasoned Phoenix workers’ compensation attorney can help you obtain the most favorable outcome.

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