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Employers Firing Injured Workers While on Light Duty

I’ve seen a very disturbing trend recently wherein unscrupulous employers and carriers take advantage of a recent change in the law to refuse temporary compensation to an injured worker.  The employer will offer “light duty” work to the injured worker, who accepts the accommodated employment.  The employer will then concoct a reason to fire the …

I Lost My Workers Comp Hearing – Should I Appeal?

Probably about 10% of the potential new clients that we meet with tried to represent themselves before the Industrial Commission of Arizona and bring in an unfavorable decision from the Administrative Law Judge.  This is kind of like going to a surgeon after trying to do the surgery yourself and failing… Generally speaking, your best …

What Happens at an Industrial Commission Hearing?

For many injured workers, a hearing at the Industrial Commission of Arizona may be their first time ever in a courtroom.  It can be a very intimidating experience.  I always tell my clients before hearings that, generally speaking, Industrial Commission hearings are very informal, and they have no reason to be nervous.  The hearings are …

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