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Best Time to Get an Attorney In Arizona Work Comp Claim

Too many of our clients and prospective clients wait too long to get an attorney in their cases.  The best time to get an attorney is as soon as possible after your injury.  Most Arizona Workers Compensation attorneys offer a free consultation and it is always best to know your rights from the very beginning.  Clients who wait until their claim is closed or their compensation or medical treatment have been cut off are very difficult to help.  By that time, the file may be full of medical reports that are unfavorable to your claim.  Your average monthly wage is usually set shortly after your injury and is often set incorrectly by the carrier.  If you wait too long to hire an attorney, it may be too late to protest an incorrectly set wage – upon which all compensation paid is based. 

At Snow & Carpio, there are many things we can do early on in a case to insure that we obtain a more favorable result for our client when it comes time to settle their case.  These include selecting supportive doctors, ensuring compensation is paid correctly, keeping nurse case managers off the case, and making sure that all body parts injured are accepted.  Also, since we usually only charge a fee on the compensation that is paid at the end of your case, you are paying the same fee regardless of whether you hire us at the end or the beginning.  Hiring us earlier makes our job easier, and your case better. 

Chad T. Snow is a workers compensation attorney with the firm of Snow, Carpio, and Weekley, PLC.  With offices in Phoenix and Tucson, the firm handles exclusively workers compensation and Social Security Disability claims.

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