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Why Has Snow, Carpio & Weekley Been So Successful? 

I know it’s not good business practice to share trade secrets, but to any of our competitors, here’s the secret to our success. 
  1.   We treat our clients like human beings, not cases.  I have been invited to more clients’ quinceaneras, weddings, and funerals than any other attorney I know.  This is because our clients can sense that we see them as people and families, not just a way to make money. 
  2.   We hire the best people.  For example, Martha Diaz – our head paralegal – has over 35 years’ experience handling workers compensation cases.  All of our staff has extensive and ongoing training in work injury law.  And more importantly, when we hire new staff, we look for friendly people who will treat our clients the way they deserve to be treated. 
  3.   We constantly try to improve.  A good attorney friend of mine told me “if you’re not growing, you’re shrinking.”  He meant it in terms of the number of cases his firm was taking.  I think the same thing applies to us as professionals in a service industry – if we’re not getting better at what we do, we’re getting worse.  The attorneys in our firm all attend not only the obligatory yearly seminar on continuing legal education, but also a seminar on client relations and business development.  Our staff have monthly “learn at lunch” seminars to keep up on the latest developments in the work comp field.
  4.   Our Business Manager, April Snow.  I was warned many times never to hire family members.  But in 2009, an opportunity came that was too good to pass up.  My sister-in-law April had owned her own large manufacturing company for several years.  When she lost that company during the Great Recession, she was looking for a job.  I told myself and my partner Alex Carpio, “she’s run a multi-million dollar business with 100 employees – she can run our little law firm.”  Probably the best business decision we ever made. 

  5.   We ask our clients what we can do better.  We are constantly seeking feedback from our clients as to what we can do to better serve them and make their experience with our firm even better.  Our clients are our best referral source of business.  We believe that much of our success is owed to the loyal army of current and former clients we have developed by providing excellent customer service over the last 12 years.  
      Attorney Chad Snow is the Founding Partner of Snow, Carpio & Weekley, PLC. For a free consultation, please call our Phoenix office at 602-532-0700 or our Tucson office at 520-647-9000. For outlining areas, please call 855-325-4781 and speak with April to set up a telephonic consultation. For more information about Snow, Carpio & Weekley, please visit our website at www.workinjuryaz.com.
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