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Workers comp private investigator tactics

When you get involved in a workplace injury, your insurance company may decide to hire a private investigator to watch you or “conduct surveillance.” The work of these private investigators is to determine if the claimed work-related injury is either faked, exaggerated, or even falsely absenting themselves from work. Although this might seem as an unfair violation of your privacy, it is considered legal by the law. Here, we will discuss some of the common worker’s comp private investigator tactics to help you avoid insurance claim frauds, and advise you when to consult the Phoenix Workers’ Compensation Attorneys.

Why Would My Workers’ Comp Case Be Investigated?

Insurance companies hire private investigators to avoid giving workers’ compensation benefits to people who do not rightfully deserve them. Generally, suspicion of workers’ comp fraud is the primary reason why insurance companies hire private investigators. Below are some of the other reasons that may force your insurance company to conduct surveillance:

  •         You are working somewhere else other than with your current employer
  •         Your claim is not as serious as you say it is
  •         Workers’ compensation fraud is frequently occurring
  •         You are faking your illness or injury

What Tactics Do Workers’ Comp Investigators Use?

Workers’ comp investigators usually use more advanced tactics to monitor your activities and determine whether your injuries are genuine. Here are some of the most common surveillance tactics that workers’ compensation investigators use:

  1.     Online Surveillance

With the various improvements in the world of technology, workers’ comp investigators can monitor your activities online. They can look at your posts in your social media accounts, such as Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Facebook. Therefore, it is advisable to keep off from posting in your social media accounts for a while to avoid posting something that may interfere with your workers’ comp claim.

  1.     Video Surveillance

Workers’ comp investigators can use video surveillance to take note of any exaggerated body movements and reactions. Since they do not operate on a fixed work schedule, these investigators can pop up anytime and monitor you when you least expect them.

  1.     Direct Contact

Private investigators can approach you and pretend they are not working for your workers’ comp insurance company. They will directly ask your questions about your injuries and later use your statements against you during your workers’ compensation hearing. Therefore, you need to be careful about what you say about your injury claim and who you talk to about it. The best advice is to refrain from speaking about your claim and injuries in the absence of your personal injury attorney.

  1.     Interviewing Your Family, Friends, and Co-Workers

Finally, workers’ comp investigators can decide to interview your fellow co-workers about the circumstances that resulted in your alleged work-related injuries. Moreover, they might go a step further and contact your friends and family to inquire about your injuries.

If you happen to be involved in a work-related injury, and you notice or feel like you are under investigation or surveillance, you should consult with any of our Phoenix Workers’ Compensation Lawyers. Our Lawyers will closely evaluate your situation and help you determine the reason why you are being monitored and how to go about it.

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