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Who Pays for Worker’s Compensation?

According to the law of Arizona and all other states in America, every employer has a duty for the safety of their employees as long as they are on duty. Therefore, they are responsible for buying workers’ compensation insurance that will pay for your medical bills, lost wages, and any other damages that might arise from work injuries. This applies to disability leaves in case the accident was severe. Book a free consultation today with Phoenix Workers’ Compensation Attorneys if you need help claiming these benefits in Arizona. Compensations cases are not easy to navigate independently because the insurance companies exist to make profits.

What is the role of an employer in workers’ compensation?

To ensure you are catered for in case of an accident, the employer pays for your compensation in the following ways:

  •       State-run insurance programs
  •       Payment to a private insurance company
  •       Paying benefits directly to the workers

Although all three ways will pay you the same amount of compensation, it is essential to know which organization is responsible for paying your claim. To be self-insured, the employer must legally prove that they are large enough and have enough assets to cover claims in case of an accident. For the state and private compensations, insurance companies evaluate injury claims before paying forth the benefits.

Role of the employee and employer in the workers’ compensation system

For compensation claims to be successful, the employee and the employer have essential roles to play. After an accident, it is the employee’s duty to notify his employer of the injury in writing. Verbal reports may not work well in claim cases. As an employee, it is also your duty to keep medical records as they will be needed when claiming a settlement. Lastly, you should work with an attorney to help you prove your case.

On the other hand, employers are responsible for carrying out the worker’s compensation claims. They should also educate employees about their responsibilities and rights in case of an injury. So who pays for worker’s compensation claims? Usually it is the insurance company. However, as discussed, the employers will be the ones to pay the claim if they have not been insured with the state or a private insurance company.

COVID-19 workers’ compensation cases

You may be wondering what will happen in the case of a COVID-19 case. The insurance and the employer will try to argue contrary to your case by questioning the effect of the virus on the compensation system. To achieve compensation, you have to prove that you contracted the virus in your place of employment.

When you should seek the representation of an attorney

The insurance will not gladly pay you the full compensation. In fact, they will try to argue otherwise to underpay your claim or avoid paying claims. This is why you should hire an attorney, especially for self-insured employers, to gather medical records and other important information to prove your case.

At Snow, Carpio, Weekley, you will receive the best legal advice and representation until you are rightfully compensated. The firm has over 100 years combined experience dealing with workers’ compensation cases and therefore assures you of your desired outcome. Call 602-532-0701 or book a free consultation online to protect your right as an employee.

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