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What Is The Workers’ Compensation Law In Arizona

Many people get injured at work every day, and they need to know what their rights are after a work injury. The workers’ compensation law was developed to handle these claims and make sure that they remain fair. Employees who get hurt may be unable to work or even have a permanent disability in some cases. Often, these injuries are not the employee’s fault, but leave them unable to make ends meet during their recovery.


The worker’s compensation laws were put in place to handle these claims and ensure that the injured employees get the care they need. If you have been injured at work and believe you have the grounds for filing a worker’s compensation claim, you should call your Phoenix Workers’ Compensation Attorneys to get the compensation you deserve.


What Are the Statistics For Workplace Injuries?

Most of the accidents at work happen relatively quickly, and many involve vehicles or manual labor. There are about 3.8 million workplace injuries and illnesses every year, with over two-thirds of them being predictable incidents based on previous patterns. These injuries result in more than 2.5 billion dollars every year in workers’ compensation costs alone. The most common injuries in the workplace are sprains, strains, and tears due to these types of accidents. Falls are also a substantial cause for damage when people go up or down stairs, get off of ladders, slip on wet surfaces, or miss their footing when stepping somewhere. There are many reasons that employees file workers’ compensation claims. Some of the most common reasons are because they have been involved in an accident at work or have developed a job-related disease.


What Are the Grounds For Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Arizona?

When many people are injured at work, they are automatically told that they cannot file a claim. Many employers will try to convince their employees that it is not possible to receive insurance benefits, even if the injuries were no fault of their own. The employer may also tell someone that being hurt is part of the job and there is nothing they can do about it. The worker’s compensation law was developed to ensure that employees receive the care and benefits that they deserve, especially if the injury occurred at work.

For an employee to have a claim under workers’ compensation laws, there must be three conditions met:

  • the injury must have been sustained as a result of their work duties
  • the worker must have been on the clock at the time of injury
  • The injury must not have resulted from carelessness, your failure to observe safety measures, or intoxication

All workers can receive compensation if they meet these two conditions. It can also be more than just a financial payment and may include medical care and other forms of assistance. If an employer tries to tell you that you cannot file an injury claim, it is important to seek help from workers’ compensation attorneys to ensure that the claim gets appropriately filed.


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