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What Is The Average Workers’ Compensation For Carpal Tunnel Injuries?

Workers are entitled to compensation from their employers if they suffer an injury at the place of work. Compensation benefits include lost wages, medical expenses, and permanent disability benefits in case the accident was severe to cause permanent damage. To help prove their case, employees are advised to hire legal representatives to gather evidence and argue their cases until full compensation. Book a free appointment today or call Phoenix Workers’ Compensation Attorneys to protect you right as an employee. So, how much is a carpal tunnel worker’s compensation average settlement?

Carpal tunnel syndrome

A carpal tunnel syndrome is the numbness or tingling sensation affecting the hand or arm caused by a pinched median nerve in the wrist. On top of the tingling sensation, patients also experience weakness in the wrist, loss of feeling, chronic pain, and paresthesia. Due to these symptoms, such patients find it challenging to perform daily activities because they frequently drop objects they are holding in their hands.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by repetitive hand motion that exerts excess pressure on an individuals’ median nerve.  You are at risk if your job involves typing, picking objects, and using hand tools. Common professions that develop this condition include truckers, butchers, sewers, construction workers, and workers who work in data entry departments.

What is included in a worker’s compensation settlement?

A settlement is an agreement between an injured worker and the employer’s compensation insurance company on the benefits available due to an accident. You will claim these benefits from different sources depending on whether you are a federal employee or employed by the state, local government, or a private company. You can either agree that the insurance company will be paying for future medical requirements associated with your injury or take the cash value that equals future medical care. Apart from the medical care, the settlement may also include:

  •       Temporary disability benefits that include lost wages during the time of injury
  •       Permanent disability benefits if an employee has lost future earning capacity
  •       Job displacement benefits for job retraining in case an employee cannot return to work.

What is the average settlement for a carpal tunnel injury case?

There is no exact settlement in wages because each case is different depending on the facts and the intensity of the personal injury. However, the settlements will commonly range from $30 000 to $70,000. Other factors that will determine the settlement of such an injury include:

  •       The plaintiff’s age
  •       Medical evidence supporting the claim
  •       Length of employment before the injury
  •       Additional workplace injuries suffered by the worker.

Using a workers’ compensation or personal injury attorney

For a settlement to be successful, you have to prove that you suffered the injury primarily because of the nature of your employment. This involves showing that work activities do not require the use of the hand as much as your work. Workers’ compensation attorneys will also help you win compensation for contracting COVID-19 at the place of employment. Seek the representation of Phoenix Workers’ Compensation Attorneys to get full compensation. Call 602-532-0701 or book an appointment online.

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