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Walmart worker’s compensation

Walmart is the world’s largest private employer with approximately 2 million employees. It is also the largest company by revenue in the world. Filing a worker’s comp claim against Walmart is similar to filing a claim against other companies and insurers. However, due to Walmart’s resources, size, and ability to assign light duty work for its injured workers, they can often be aggressive in defending workers’ compensation claims.

If the claim is proved to be valid, Walmart’s insurers immediately result in payment for all your work-related injury medical expenses and provide you with benefits to cover lost earnings while temporarily or permanently out of duty. Read on to learn more about Walmart workers’ compensation and why you should consult with Phoenix Workers’ Compensation Attorneys for your work injury claims.

What are the Common workplace injuries Walmart employees face?

As mentioned above, Walmart is the world’s largest employer, with over 4,500 retail stores in the United States. Like any other company, their employees are sometimes involved in work-related injuries that can cause temporary and life-altering injuries. The following are some of the commonly reported workplace injuries by Walmart employees:

  •         Neck injury
  •         Knee injuries
  •         Back injury
  •         Bursitis
  •         Slip and fall
  •         Loss of limbs
  •         Carpal tunnel syndrome
  •         Shoulder injury
  •         Asthma
  •         Ankle injury
  •         Occupational diseases


Workers Compensation Benefits for Wal-Mart Workers

Regardless of the state where the injury took place, all employees are legally entitled to receive workers’ compensation insurance coverage. If you are physically injured or hurt while performing work-related duties as a Walmart employee, a designated area of legislation helps with the compensation process. However, it is difficult to obtain these insurance benefits after suffering severe injuries while performing your duties. Below are some of the Walmart workers’ comp benefits:

  1.     Temporary disability total payments. These are the payments made to any Walmart employee who has lost wages due to work restrictions by their treating physician.
  2.     Temporary partial disability payments. These are payments when Walmart provides a light-duty job to the injured employee that pays less and offers fewer working hours.
  3.     Permanent partial disability payments. These are payments made when a Walmart employee loses any part of their body while on duty.
  4.     Lump-sum workers comp settlements. These are long-term payments to injured Walmart employees to cover future medical care.
  5.     Vocational rehabilitation. This includes job coaching and retraining. It is usually offered to Walmart employees injured on duty as they try to get back into the labor force.
  6.     Lifetime medical benefits. This is payment made to any necessary, reasonable, medically authorized, and closely related to the initial Walmart work injury.
  7.     Death benefits. These are the payments made when you lose a family member or a loved one in a fatal workplace accident at any Walmart store.

The process of filing a Walmart workers’ compensation claim is often complex as the procedure, laws, and deadlines vary from one state to another. That said, it is advisable to seek professional assistance from Phoenix Workers’ Compensation Attorneys, who can make the whole experience feel smooth and easy. Moreover, seeking professional assistance from a lawyer helps lower the chances of failing to receive your work injury claim.

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