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Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance
By Erica Melendez, Attorney
Snow, Carpio & Weekley

I’ve had perfectly good cases ruined by video surveillance.  A worker who had a valid injury, takes their pain medication, feels suddenly on top of the world and then decides to….go outside and wash their monster truck?  Yes, this is one example of a good case tanked by surveillance.  It’s a fact that insurance carriers can and will hire private detectives to surveil injured workers for various reasons, including to be sure they are not working while being paid for being off work and to be sure they are following their work restrictions.  This may seem to be an invasion of privacy but it’s a common, legal tactic that insurance companies use.

To avoid having your case tanked by video surveillance, first of all be honest about whether you are working and always follow your work restrictions.  Even if you take your pain medicine and are feeling better, If your doctor says don’t lift over 10 pounds, floor to waist, don’t go to the grocery store and put a 50 pound bag of dog food in your cart!  If you are restricted from bending and twisting and lifting over 15 pounds, don’t drive around your neighborhood loading and unloading recyclables from the back of your pickup!  Many people become slightly paranoid when I tell them about the possibility of video surveillance.  However, avoiding the pitfalls of this issue are simple:  be honest and always follow your work restrictions.  

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