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When workers in Scottsdale, Arizona become disabled due to an injury, accident, or illness, the Social Security Administration offers these disabled workers Social Security disability benefits. Scottsdale Social Security disability benefits are meant to serve as a social safety net for those who can no longer work to provide for themselves.

When a worker has a disability, medical condition or illness that prevents them from working, the disabled worker can file a claim either online, over the telephone, or by visiting a local Social Security field office. Once a disabled worker’s claim is filed, the Arizona Department of Economic Security’s Disability Determination Services “the DDS) is tasked with reviewing the claim, along with the medical evidence of the disability, medical condition or illness that was submitted with the claim application. The DDS will decide whether a particular claimant is eligible for Social Security disability benefits. In order to be eligible, the applicant must have a qualifying disability, medical condition or illness, and the applicant must have participated in and contributed to the Social Security tax system during their years of work preceding the disability, medical condition or illness.

Sometimes an applicant does not complete their Social Security disability application correctly, fails to include sufficient medical evidence to support their claimed condition or disability, or the DDS does not believe that the applicant has a qualifying condition or disability. When any of these things happen, the applicant’s Social Security disability claim could be denied. But don’t lose hope. There is a DDS decision appeals process that applicants can use to dispute a claim denial. An experienced Arizona Scottsdale Social Security disability lawyer serving the Scottsdale area can assist you with appealing a denied Social Security disability claim.

Consult With A Scottsdale Social Security Disability Benefits Lawyer

Disabled workers may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits when they are no longer able to work due to their disability. A Scottsdale Social Security disability claim attorney can help you prepare for, complete, and file a Social Security disability claim. The experienced Arizona Social Security disability lawyers at Snow, Carpio & Weekley, PLC have worked hard to get numerous Social Security disability claims through the Social Security disability system, and we can help you with your claim as well.

At Snow, Carpio & Weekley, PLC, we are dedicated to assisting our clients to get the benefits they need when they are no longer able to work. Our experienced Social Security disability lawyers can help guide you through the Social Security disability benefits application process. Please call us at 855-325-4781 to schedule a free initial consultation. If your disability prevents you from visiting one of our offices, we can make arrangements to come to you


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