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Social Media in Workers Compensation Claims

We have had a number of clients recently whose claims have been negatively impacted by information that the carrier has obtained through the injured worker’s social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Instagram, etc.  Remember that insurance carriers have tremendous resources to find information upon which to base a denial of a claim, denial of treatment, or cutting off of compensation.  Be very careful with the information you post on public social media and aware that it may negatively impact your case.  Here’s some free legal advice based on a few unfortunately very real examples: 

Do not post pictures of your recent river trip three weeks after your shoulder surgery!

Do not put links to your favorite porn sites on your Facebook!

Do not list a current employer when you are telling the carrier and ICA that you aren’t working!

Don’t have your friends posting all over your wall about all of your partying!  Even though you can still have a good time when you’re injured, it doesn’t look good. 

Remember that if you ever have to go to court on any issue in your claim, your credibility will be at issue.  Anything you post on your Facebook or other social media can and will be used against you!

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