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Report: Amazon Warehouse Workers Injured at Twice the Rate of the Industry Average

According to a report from CNBC, a study conducted by the labor advocacy group Strategic Organizing Center (SOC) alleges that Amazon warehouse workers are twice as likely to be hurt on the job as warehouse workers at other companies. The study purports that disproportionate share of Amazon’s warehouse worker injuries are suffered by new employees. Here, our Arizona workers’ compensation lawyer discusses the report and explains what you should do if you are hurt while working in a warehouse.


Serious Concerns Raised About Workplace Safety in Amazon Fulfillment Centers

Amazon is the largest employer of warehouse workers in the United States. The company went on a major hiring spree during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, there are now some very serious questions being raised about the safety of its warehouse. Analyzing comprehensive data from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the Strategic Organizing Center (SOC) made the following conclusions:

Nationwide Warehouse Worker Injury Rate: The nationwide workplace injury rate for warehouse industry employees is 3.3 serious injuries per 100 workers.
Amazon Warehouse Worker Injury Rate: The workplace injury rate for warehouse workers employed by Amazon is 6.7 serious injuries per 100 workers.

Federal government data is clear. Amazon workers are more than twice as likely to be seriously injured on the job than other warehouse employees. Amazon openly acknowledged this problem in a letter to shareholders in early 2021. The company also noted that its warehouse workers were far more likely to be hurt on the job in their first 180 days of employment.

What to Do If You are Injured While Working at a Warehouse in Arizona

Were you hurt on the job while working at a warehouse or other type of distribution facility in Phoenix, Tucson, or anywhere else in Arizona? If so, it is crucial that you know how to protect your rights and interests. Here are four steps to take if you are hurt while working at a warehouse:

Notify Your Employer: Arizona’s workers’ comp laws require injured workers to notify their employer in a timely manner. Make sure that your employer is aware of your injury.
Get Medical Attention: You should see a doctor immediately if you were hurt on the job. Not only is getting medical care important for your well-being, it is necessary to bring a workers’ comp claim.
File a Workers’ Comp Claim: Notifying your employer is not the same thing as filing for workers’ comp benefits. Make sure you obtain the claims form and file for benefits in a timely manner.
Get Professional Legal Support: You do not have to go through the workers’ comp claims process alone. If you run into any problems, contact an experienced Arizona workers’ comp attorney right away.

Contact Our Arizona Workers’ Comp Attorneys for Immediate Help

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