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How Much Money Will Workers’ Compensation Payout for Lower Back Injury?

Lower back injury is a frequent complaint in most workers’ compensation cases. The symptoms can range from mild discomfort to severe pain that requires you to take time off work. In some instances, workers may be left dealing with chronic pain for the rest of their life.

Therefore, it is no surprise that most workers ponder the question, “how much money will workers’ compensation payout for a lower back injury?” If you have a lower back injury from work, consider retaining the help of Phoenix Workers’ Compensation Attorneys to learn what you can expect from the settlement process.

Average Settlement for Work-related Lower Back Injuries

According to an analysis of workers who received settlements for workplace accidents, the average compensation for back injuries was $23,600. This amount was slightly higher than the mean settlement for all types of injuries, which was $21,800.

That said, the amount that individual workers receive can vary significantly. This is because the final compensation is often influenced by certain factors, such as the severity of the injury.

Factors that Affect Lower Back Injury Settlement Amounts

No two back injury cases are the same. There will often be variations in terms of circumstance and nature of the injury. These differences will ultimately affect the compensation amount. For instance, a worker with a mild strain will likely receive less money than one with severely herniated discs.

Common factors that affect the compensation amount for lower back injury cases include:

  1. The Nature and Severity of Injury

Worker’s Comp Cases Are Like Fingerprints, No Two Are the Same…Lower back injuries tend to range in severity from mild to severe. Severe injuries require:

  • Medical treatment
  • Rehabilitation
  • Medication

They also result in more time off work and could potentially lead to disability. Consequently, they often receive larger compensation claims.

  1. Disability

A lower back injury could leave you unable to function on your own. If the damage is permanent, you will likely receive more settlement than someone with a temporary disability. The additional amount is often directed toward covering lost earning ability.

  1. Amount of Lost Income

In most cases, a lower back injury will require you to take time off work to recuperate. Your compensation claim will often involve any lost wages that result from missing work. The more days you miss work, the higher your settlement amount.

  1. Effect on Earning Ability

Sometimes, a back injury could affect your ability to work. Your doctor may impose some restrictions on the activities you can perform. They can also rule out all activities. If your earning ability is significantly affected as a result, you are eligible for more compensation.

  1. The Circumstances Surrounding the Injury

In essence, this refers to the ease of proving fault. You are more likely to get a large settlement if your attorney can prove gross negligence on your employer’s part. Cases that involve shared fault often result in lower compensation amounts.

Talk to a Phoenix Workers’ Compensation Attorney

Up to 75% of workers with back injuries hire a lawyer to represent them. This makes sense, given how complex a workers’ compensation case can get. An expert attorney can handle complex matters such as investigation, negotiations, and lawsuits on your behalf. They can also advise you on how much money workers’ compensation will payout for a lower back injury.

If you have been injured at work, contact Snow, Carpio, Weekley to discuss your case with the best Phoenix Workers’ Compensation Attorneys.

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