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Maximum Average Monthly Wage In Arizona Work Comp Claim

Compensation in an Arizona work comp claim is based on the “average monthly wage” at the time of the injury.  Temporary total compensation is usually 66 2/3 percent of the AMW.  Therefore, the higher the AMW, the more compensation the injured worker receives. 

The legislature has set a maximum average monthly wage, meaning that no matter how much salary the injured worker makes above the max wage, his or her compensation will be based on the statutory maximum.  For injuries occurring in calendar year 2011, the max wage is $3,920.75.  In 2010, it was $3,763.44.  In 2009 it was $3,600.00, in 2008, $3,000.00.  For years 1999-2007, it was $2,400.00.  From 2010 forward, the wage is indexed to inflation, meaning that it will increase along with the Consumer Price Index every year.

Click here for a link to the ICA website describing the maximum AMW.

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