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Is it true that most Social Security Disability applications get denied at first?

Is it true that most Social Security Disability 
applications get denied at first?
by Attorney Allyson Snow

Statistically, yes.

Approximately 70% of applications are denied at the initial level. It generally takes Social Security approximately 4-6 months to evaluate an initial application.  If denied, the reconsideration level takes approximately 6-8 months and the chances of being denied are even greater; approximately 80-90%.

If denied a second time at the reconsideration level, a request for hearing can be filed for the claimant to go in front of an Administrative Law Judge.  It can take approximately 8-12 months to get a hearing.

If you have applied on your own and get a denial from Social Security, it is important to consult with an attorney right away because the deadline for appeal is time sensitive.  If you have yet to start your application for disability, consult with an attorney as there are many things a claimant can do at the outset of a disability claim that will benefit them should they have to appear at a hearing.

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