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Irony in Arizona Workers Compensation Claims

My 15 year old daughter asked me one time what the definition of “ironic” was.  The first thing that came to mind was a case I litigated at the Industrial Commission several years ago.  My client worked in a large machine shop.  He was on his way out of the shop when his boss told him that he couldn’t walk through the shop without his safety goggles.  The goggles were up a flight of metal stairs in the office, so he walked up the steps to get them.  On the way down, he tripped and fell down the flight of stairs, sustaining several fractures in his spine.  As Alanis Morrissette once sang, “isn’t it ironic” that he destroyed his spine going to get his safety goggles?

I had another client a couple of years ago who worked at Circle K.  She broke her wrist tripping over the yellow “Caution – Wet Floor” sign.  Isn’t that ironic?

Or the guy who got into a fistfight at his framing company’s “safety meeting”, sustaining a fracture to his hand.

Nothing real substantive today, just a few examples you can use if you ever need to define “ironic”.

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