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Injured While Traveling For Work Outside of Arizona

Injured While Traveling For Work Outside of Arizona
By Diana Robles, Associate Attorney
          You may bring a workers compensation claim in Arizona in any of these three situations:  
  • You reside in Arizona
  • The company you work for is headquartered in Arizona
  • You are injured at work while you are traveling outside of Arizona.  
If you are injured out of state, you have a right to bring that claim in the state where you were injured, or wherever the company you work for is headquartered.  Individual states have varying laws that outline the workers’ rights in that state.  Once a claim is filed in a particular state, that state’s laws would govern the case.  
So it would be impermissible to request that a matter which had previously been filed in a different state to be transferred to Arizona.  If the employer has filed the matter in a different state, you are subject to the laws and rules of their workers’ compensation system and if you need help you must contact an attorney licensed to practice law in that state to help you with that matter.  
If you were injured while you were traveling outside of Arizona contact an attorney right away to determine what would be the best way to handle your claim.


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