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How Long Does Insurance Co. Have to Send Me My Check In AZ Work Comp Claim

As I’ve discussed in other posts, there are several types of compensation in an Arizona Work Injury claim.
The most common is temporary total or temporary partial compensation, which is compensation that is paid while the injured worker is receiving active medical care and is either on a no-work status or light duty status respectively.

The General Rule

The general rule for how long an insurance company has to send the injured worker his or her check is 3 days after the due date of the check if the carrier is in the state of Arizona, and 5 days if they are outside the state.
For example, if you are on an off-work status and the last day of the 14 day pay period is July 27, an in-state carrier should have your check to you by July 30 and an out-of-state carrier by Aug. 1.
If a carrier is persistently late in getting your check to you on time, you can file a complaint of bad faith and/or unfair claims processing with the Industrial Commission. For more information about late compensation payments and bad faith complaints, contact our office at Snow, Carpio, and Weekley.

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