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How Long Does a Workers’ Compensation Settlement Take?

Do you know how long a workers’ compensation settlement takes? If you’re like most people, the answer is “I don’t know.” And that’s okay. Workers’ compensation settlements can be complicated and confusing.

This blog post will provide answers to questions about workers’ compensation settlements in general and how long it takes to settle a compensation settlement. Read on for more information.

Why do Workers Compensation Cases Take so Long to Settle?

There are many reasons workers’ compensation cases take so long to settle. First, workers’ compensation claims go through the workers’ compensation court system to determine whether or not your injury is work-related and if you’re eligible for benefits under Phoenix workers’ compensation laws.

It can result in a lengthy legal process that often takes several years to complete. The lawyers at Phoenix Workers’ Compensation Attorneys have a lot of experience with workers’ compensation cases in Phoenix.

They will help you get your workers’ compensation benefits much more quickly than going through the workers’ compensation court system by yourself.

What Determines Workers’ Compensation Settlement?

There are various factors that workers’ compensation claims adjusters use to determine workers’ compensation settlement amounts. The two most important factors determining workers’ compensation settlements include the extent and permanence of your injuries from the accident and how much you have missed work or are unable to work due to your injury.

Workers’ compensation settlements can vary based on the workers’ compensation insurance company you have and how much experience they have dealing with workers’ compensation cases. 

Workers’ compensation settlement amounts could increase or decrease depending upon whether your claim is accepted as: 

  • The third-party liability case, which means that another person was at fault for your injury. 
  • The first-party case, which means that your employer was at fault for your injury.

Reasons why Compensation Settlement can be Delayed

  • If workers’ compensation settlement takes too long, it could be because the compensation insurance company is not cooperative to deny your claim.
  • Workers’ compensation claims adjusters may have a lot of other cases that they’re working on at once, which means that adjusting your workers’ compensation case might take longer than usual.
  • It’s important to remember that workers’ compensation cases can be complicated and require much time, attention, and care for adjusters to determine the benefits owed under workers’ compensation laws.
  • An abundance of fraud and workers’ compensation scams can result in workers’ compensation claims taking a very long time to settle.
  • A settlement can be late when parties are in ongoing litigation. The court sets a trial date. Until that date arrives and passes without any resolution, there will not be an end to the case or the need for depositions and other discovery tools that can delay settlement negotiations. 
  • Compensation Settlement can also be delayed by ongoing business disputes like bankruptcy proceedings or corporate reorganization, which involve complex financial considerations that may take weeks or months before they are settled.
  • Settlements involving defenses fraud cases often have time limits built-in due to securities exchange commission regulations governing civil penalties incurred during periods of violation.

In summary, if both parties do not agree, the case will take longer than if both parties agree on all conditions of settlement, including medical treatment costs, lost wages, pain & suffering costs, and monetary damages. Be sure to contact your lawyer to help you.

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