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August Newsletter 2011

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An Injured Worker’s Right to Choose Their Own Treating Physician in Arizona Workers’ Comp

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The issue of choice of doctors has been characterized as “one of the stormiest issues in the history of workmen’s compensation.” Two competing interests clash:

  • The interest of the injured worker in having a physician in whom he or she has confidence.
  • The carrier’s interest in maintaining control over the quality and cost of the medical care recommended.

The law in Arizona is well settled regarding an injured worker’s right to choose his or her own treating doctor. Unless the employer is self-insured, the employee has a fairly unfettered right to treat with the physician of his or her choice.

To change doctors, all that is required is to file a Request for Change of Doctors with the Industrial Commission of Arizona or obtain the permission of the insurance carrier. The only employers who are able to direct injured workers to physicians of their choosing are those who self insure for workers’ compensation claims.

As attorneys who practice exclusively workers compensation, we frequently recommend to our new clients that they change physicians from the doctor to whom the insurance company has sent them, to a doctor who will be an advocate for the patient, not the insurance carrier.

Did you know…….?

Attorney Erica Gonzalez-Melendez received the Daniel R. Ortega Public Service Award from Valle del Sol’s Hispanic Leadership Institute in 2010?
Attorney Chad Snow served a 2-year mission with the L.D.S. church in Bilbao, Spain?
Attorney X. Alex Carpio is currently serving as General Counsel for Citizens for a Better Arizona, the Committee fighting for the recall of State Senate President Russell Pearce?

Fun Facts for August…

Hawaii became the 50th state of the United States of America August 21, 1959. The third Friday of August was designated Statehood Day, a state holiday.
August 15 is the Catholic Feast of the Assumption.
August is National Immunization Awareness Month.

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"This law firm really stands up for working families; stands up for workers and will take your case and fight for your case. And get you the best possible settlement that you can have. You should trust in this law firm. This is the law firm that stood when the state was being challenged under SB1070 the anti-immigrant law."

- Randy Parraz

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"Hi, my name is Ron Selma and I’ve been a client for a year and a half. Snow, Carpio & Weekely, have been very professional for me and I would recommend this firm to anyone. They all are very professional."

- Ron Selma

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"My name is Jennifer Logan & I was injured on the job in January of 2013. Chad Snow came highly recommended from an attorney that I work for. I’ve been coming here ever since I consulted with him. He helped me out."

- Jennifer Logan

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" Alex Carpio has been my attorney since the beginning in August of 2012. I was in an accident at work and I explained everything. At that point he said: “We’re going to continue & we’re going to go on with this because you do have a case.” I would recommend Alex Carpio very highly. He’s a great gentlemen and he listens."

- Albert Gardea

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"I was injured on 10-1-2010. During that time I was in so much pain. I was really happy that I was able to find Snow, Carpio & Weekely. If you look at my file I've over 3.5 years of paperwork. There’s no way that I would have been able to handle it on my own. They reminded me when I was supposed to go to court and took care of all the legal proceedings."

- Thomas Demott

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"Hello, my name is Jorge Ramirez and my lawyer was Alex Carpio. He is a really good lawyer and I would recommend him to a lot of people. Snow, Carpio & Weekely, have been very professional for me and my wife. Thank you Alex Carpio."

- Jorge Ramirez

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