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Determination of Your Average Monthly Wage in Phoenix, Arizona



Determination of Your Average Monthly Wage


Under the Workers Compensation system in Arizona you are entitled to two things while your claim is open; Medical treatment and 66 2/3% of your average monthly wage, if a doctor is keeping you off work or placing restrictions on what work you can do.  
Your average monthly wage is typically based on the 30 days prior to the date of injury.  However, in some instances this is not a fair or true assessment of what your wage should be.  For example, if you do not receive paid vacation time and had just taken a vacation within the 30 days prior to the injury, it wouldn’t be fair to use that to determine what your average monthly wage is.  Things like bonuses, overtime pay, and a side job should all be accounted for in the determination of one’s average monthly wage.  
When you get an Average Monthly Wage determination notice from the Industrial Commission of Arizona you have 90 days to protest it if you do not agree with the wage. 
You should contact Snow,Carpio & Weekley, so one of our attorneys can review this, so that your wages are determined in a way that is fair and accurate and not just left to the insurance company’s adjuster.

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