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Citizens for a Better Arizona

Snow & Carpio is an Arizona law firm that has always taken great pride in involving ourselves in political issues that we feel are important to the interests of our clients and our state.  Over the years we have been active at the legislature in urging changes to legislation to increase the average monthly wage of injured workers, guarantee injured workers the right to freely choose their own doctor, and many other important issues for those injured on the job. 

More recently, we have become involved in efforts regarding the rights of immigrants and politicians who would exploit immigration issues for their own political gain.  Alex Carpio has spent hundreds of hours representing, pro bono, many of the protesters who were wrongly arrested for challenging the corrupt policies and practices of Sheriff Joe Arpaio.  To date, he has been successful in every case.  Chad Snow was an active member of Maricopa Citizens for Safety and Accountability and made a presentation before the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors urging significant changes in the budget of the Sheriff’s office, many of which were adopted. 

More recently, we have become involved with Citizens for a Better Arizona, of which Chad is the Chairman.  CBA is a coalition of citizens from throughout Arizona who feels that Senate President Russell Pearce does not represent the best interests of the majority of Arizonans.  Mr. Pearce was only voted for by 17,000 of the over 6.6 million residents of our state.  A review of his legislative record indicates that his only interests seem to be relaxing gun control laws and immigration.  The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Arizona Republic (among others) have all written articles showing how his misguided legislation has damaged Arizona’s economy, not to mention its reputation. 

People sometimes ask us if we are afraid that our political activism will cost us business.  We realize it might.  But we also think that the majority of our clients realize that an attorney who is unwilling to fight for what is right outside the courtroom, will be just as unwilling inside. 

Snow, Carpio, and Weekley are workers compensation attorneys in Arizona.  Both are Arizona natives.  Snow & Carpio has offices in Tucson and Phoenix, representing the rights of those injured on the job throughout Central and Southern Arizona. 

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