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Can You Negotiate A New Job With A Workers’ Compensation Settlement?

Finding a new job after being injured on the job can be difficult. Many people are forced into early retirement, or they struggle to find work that accommodates their injury.

When you need money to make ends meet, your injuries prohibit you from working. It would help if you considered filing a claim through workers’ compensation benefits with the help of Phoenix Workers’ Compensation Attorneys.

How It Works

Workers’ compensation laws require employers to cover work-related injuries, regardless of who is at fault. Employees can only file a workers’ compensation claim if the injury occurred during work or because of their employment. If you suffer an injury that prevents you from working in your chosen profession, you may be entitled to benefits.

Details of the Settlement

  • If you can negotiate a settlement to your claim, then it can help you in numerous ways. For instance, if you can’t work in your chosen profession anymore because of an injury but work in another profession, benefits can help pay for assistance with job training or education for a new career. 
  • You can also use workers’ compensation settlement to update your education and learning skills to compete in the changing marketplace.
  • The settlement can also help you with living costs, but it can’t make up for your wages at your primary job. The money can help pay bills and can go towards purchasing a car or home appliances.

Eligibility for Negotiations

If you can negotiate a new job through a workers’ compensation settlement, then there are specific criteria that you must meet first. For instance, you must have been injured on the job and can no longer work in your chosen profession due to the injury.

You can still apply for benefits even if you do not qualify under these terms; however, it will deny any negotiation for other occupations. Additionally, the employer has to accept liability for your injury to be eligible for negotiations.


If you can’t return to the position you held at your last job, it can be challenging to negotiate a new job with a workers’ compensation settlement. If this is the case, you will likely need to prove that you can still work at another job in some capacity.

Before accepting your new offer, you should speak with your lawyer about what types of benefits are available through workers’ compensation. Your attorney can also help ensure that your rights are protected when negotiating large and small employment details after injury.

The goal of workers’ compensation laws is not punitive. The rules were established to provide financial support for employees who can no longer perform their duties because of on-the-job injuries. If you can no longer work at your previous occupation after suffering an injury, make sure to file a claim with workers’ compensation insurance.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

You can use workers’ compensation to help negotiate a new job for victims of work-related injuries, but you must act fast to take advantage of these benefits. If your workplace can’t accommodate your current physical abilities, then it’s better to start the process sooner than later.

Phoenix Workers’ Compensation Attorneys can provide more information about what procedures will need to occur once you have chosen a new employee.

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