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Average Monthly Wage

In every single Worker’s Compensation case the insurance carrier must recommend what the average monthly wage of the injured worker will be. It is very important that the average monthly wage is calculated accurately to reflect the earnings of the injured worker. If the wage is not calculated correctly the injured worker and for his attorney must protest the notice within the allotted time. One of the first things I do when a client has retained me, I look to see if the average monthly wage has been established. If it has not been established I immediately asked my client to gather all his paycheck stubs and W-2 forms so that we can accurately recommend the most appropriate wage that will benefit my client. In Arizona, if the injured worker has dual employment, wages from each employer must be taken into consideration when calculating the average monthly wage. It is important to calculate the average wage correctly because the injured worker will be compensated based on the average  monthly wage and as an attorney representing injured workers I always want to maximize the wage because All future in indemnity payments will be based on the average monthly wage.

X. Alex Carpio
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