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Arizona Industrial Commission Annual Claims Seminar

The Industrial Commission of Arizona has announced their annual Claims Seminar to take place on August 11-12, 2011 at the Wigwam Resort.  The Claims Seminar is geared toward giving basic information on Arizona work injury claims to employers, claim representatives, medical professionals, attorneys, paralegals, and other providers in the workers compensation industry in Arizona. 

Registration is $125.00 per day for the two day seminar and must be received no later than August 5, 2011.  Questions about the seminar can be answered by calling (602) 542-1779 or online at https://www.ica.state.az.us/Events/CLAIMS_Seminar_2011.aspx

The first day of the seminar is usually dedicated to presentations by Industrial Commission employees on basic workers compensation topics such as claims filing and processing, average monthly wage, medical benefits, and so forth.  The second day is more geared towards attorneys and has a legislative and case law review of major changes in workers compensation law from the prior year. 

Chad Snow is a workers compensation lawyer with offices in Phoenix and Tucson.  He can be reached at (602) 532-0700 or (520) 647-9000 along with his associates at Snow, Carpio, and Weekley.

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