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Ever wonder if those Ergonomic Keyboards really make a difference?

According to a CDC report, “….there is little information to assist
people interested in purchasing alternative keyboards. While the scientific evidence about whether alternative keyboards prevent musculoskeletal disorders is inconclusive at
this time, this document provides basic information about common alternative
keyboard designs and their effects on work posture”.
I tried out one of these funny looking keyboard awhile back and it brought nothing but frustration. It slowed down my typing, cause me to making numerous typing errors and in the end; I put it away in the supply closet and brought back out my old, flat, nothing fancy keyboard.
If your curious about all the different types of ergonomic keyboards and what they are supposed to help with, check out this article: https://www.cdc.gov/niosh/docs/97-148/pdfs/97-148.pdf.

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Blog posted today by April Lang, Business Manager
in the absence of Chad Snow, Attorney.
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