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What is the #1 thing you should do when you are injured?
I cannot tell you how many calls we get on a daily basis from potential new clients who say that they did not report their claim. Sometimes they didn’t report it for several days and sometimes they even go a couple weeks before saying anything to their supervisor. You jeopardize your chances of being covered under Workers’ Compensation by not reporting your injury.
The reasons vary. Sometimes it’s because they didn’t want to get in trouble, sometimes it was because they didn’t know who to report it to and sometimes because it happened outside normal business hours when the office staff was not available. But the number one reason why people say they didn’t report their claim was because they didn’t think it was a big deal and they believed that whatever they were feeling would go away in a couple days with some ice or rest.
No matter how small you believe something is, you should always report it immediately to your supervisor. Even if they do not fill out an injury report, you have told somebody in charge what is going on. If that pain in your back that you think is from lifting something wrong doesn’t go away in a few days and it turns out to be a herniated disk; you reported it. If that knee that felt stiff from going up and down the ladder to many times today turns out to need therapy or possibly surgery; you reported it.
An injury isn’t always a slip and fall, a laceration or something that is immediately apparent and requires emergency medical attention. An injury can be from repetitive motion, lifting incorrectly, bending over wrong or stepping out of a vehicle to quickly.
So whatever you feel, report your claim.
Blog posted by April Snow, Business Manager for the firm at Snow, Carpio & Weekley, PLC. 
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