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Arizona Workers’ Compensation Specialists

At Snow, Carpio and Weekley, PLC, we are experienced workers’ compensation attorneys supporting the rights of Arizona workers with over 20 years combined experience. Employers are required by law to carry workers’ compensation insurance to cover the medical expenses and needs of employees injured on the job. Workers’ compensation insurance can also help workers with rehabilitation, lost wages, and expenses.

The workers’ compensation system is set up for the benefit of both the worker and the employer. It protects both in the event of an accident. As a no-fault insurance, the claim is handled under Federal and State guidelines protecting your employer from lawsuits and you from having to sue your employer. Since it is a no-fault system, the benefits are limited; usually the cost of your medical expenses and a percentage of lost wages during your time off work. Other benefits for disability are also available.

Even though workers’ compensation has existed in one form or another for over 100 years, it isn’t without complications, abuses of the system, or failures to fulfill on a claim. That is why it is important to have an experienced workers’ compensation attorney helping you with your case. Your attorney can help you with your claim, determine what benefits you should be seeking for, calculate the compensation you are entitled to, and even help you find a qualified doctor that is familiar with workers’ compensation injuries and claims.

Insurance carriers need to answer to their investors. They scrutinize every claim and reject it if anything is out of order. If you have had a claim rejected, it is not too late to retain Snow, Carpio and Weekley, to help you receive the benefits you deserve. We will help you prepare for your workers’ compensation hearing and be there by your side representing you at the hearing.

As workers’ compensation specialists, Snow, Carpio and Weekley can help you with every step of the workers’ compensation process, helping you recover with the help you deserve.

Workers Compensation Results

“ Hello my name is Randy Parraz and I’ve been working with Organized Labor for over 12 years.  I currently work for the national AFLCIO which is the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations.  And I just want to instill a sense of confidence about the work that Snow, Carpio and Weekley do […] ”

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