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Spring Break Time in Mexico!!!

I’ll be gone for the next few days in Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco) Mexico for Spring Break!!!  Before you get any images of Girls Gone Wild, Beer Bongs, and wild parties, remember that I have five kids…  When I tell people I’m going to Mexico, many get wide eyed and say “are you sure it’s safe down there.”  Honestly, I’ve never felt the least bit threatened in the 30 years I’ve been going to Rocky Point.  In fact, Phoenix New Times just did an article that says that A.S.U. college students are statistically safer in Rocky Point than they are on A.S.U.’s campus.  Rocky Point has HALF the murder rate of New Orleans.  An American citizen hasn’t been murdered in Rocky Point since 1991 – which was when a husband killed his wife so that he could be with his girlfriend, Ysenia – who he found out at the trial used to be a man…  But I digress!  The place is absolutely safe and is a blast.

I’ll be back blogging for Snow, Carpio, and Weekley next week!

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