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Check out Snow & Carpio Youtube Site

As of today, the Snow and Carpio Youtube site is up and running.  I recorded a few short videos with information about Arizona Workers Compensation Claims, much of which can be found here on my blog.  The intention is to put information out there that people who have suffered on the job injuries can use.  As the site grows, I hope to have short videos covering most of the routine information about Arizona Workers (Workmans) compensation claims.  Suggestions for topics are welcome. 

The first videos are admittedly a little amateurish and filmed off the cuff, with little preparation.  But with time I’m sure I’ll become a much more polished performer!  The site can be accessed by going to our website, https://www.snowcarpio.com/ and clicking on the YouTube icon in the upper right hand corner. 

Chad Snow is a workers compensation attorney in Arizona.  He has represented thousands of injured workers before the Industrial Commission of Arizona.  His firm, Snow, Carpio, and Weekley, is the only Arizona workers comp firm with offices in Phoenix and Tucson. 

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