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Can you work part-time while collecting social security disability?

Can you work part-time while collecting social security disability? It is a question that has crossed the minds of many people. While some jobs remain more risky than others, getting injured during working hours is possible. A work-related injury can be fatal, impeding your ability to work permanently, or — in some cases — the cause of a partial disability.

Hundreds of people are hurt every day during their working hours, and it is important to observe all the safety measures related to the work you do. This will significantly reduce the number of work-related injuries.

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Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability is an insurance program that covers lost wages in the event that an employee sustains work-related injuries. Many people ask about the possibility of collecting Social Security Disability while working part-time. It is possible. Although, for an employee to collect both Social Security Disability and workers’ compensation, officials set an annual income cap that must not be exceeded.

For an individual, the monthly income must be below $794 and assets must be worth less than $2,000, while the limit for couples is $3,000. These limits vary and change with time.

Qualified Medical Conditions for Social Security Benefits

While there is a range of injury types, from fatal to less fatal, disabilities that qualify for social security benefits are mostly serious. Some of the examples of these injuries include:

  •       Injuries on the spinal cord, neck, or back
  •       Heart disease and other conditions of cardiovascular
  •       Fatigue or chronic pain
  •       Traumatic brain injury
  •       Multiple sclerosis
  •       Epilepsy
  •       Stroke

To benefit from Social Security benefits after a work-related injury, the injury must meet the legal definition of a disability. The worker may benefit in cash or in kind.

Categories of Social Security Benefits

Social Security benefits can be categorized into four basic groups. The benefits are paid using your pay record. These four categories are:

  •       Disability benefits
  •       Retirement benefits
  •       Survivors benefits 
  •       Dependent benefits.

Employment Injury Benefits Coverage

The occupational injuries or work-related illnesses covered under employment injury benefits include: 

  •       Benefits for the sickness during the period of incapacity for work
  •       In case of earning capacity loss, you benefit from a disability pension
  •       In case the breadwinner dies, the survivors’ pension is offered to the beneficiaries
  •       Sickness, you benefit from necessary medical care in case of a work-related illness

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Tragically, some employees suffer occupational injuries that can be avoided. You do not have to be in a risky work environment for serious injuries to be sustained. Occupational injury action not only establishes your case but also supports it. Its absence may result in the stripping of your case file and recovery statement. If you cannot establish one on your own, a professional lawyer should be contacted.

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