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Restore is a functional restoration program (FRP) designed to reduce people’s dependency on pain medications and get them back to their normal, daily lives. Restore’s typical outpatient program in North Phoenix lasts six weeks and includes psychotherapy, non-traditional physical therapy, yoga, pain management, nutrition lessons, group lectures and therapy.

Restore of Arizona is holding two seminars to address the legal, financial and medical aspects of functional restoration. The programs include complimentary breakfasts and helpful information for anyone:
• With pain lasting more than six weeks
• Taking narcotic pain medication
• Hurt on the job
• With legal questions about Worker’s Compensation
• Interested in reducing their dependence on pain medication and returning to a normal lifestyle

The free seminars will take place at Restore of Arizona, 20002 N 19th Ave Ste B-100 Phoenix, AZ 85027 on Saturday, Aug 23rd and sponsored by Snow, Carpio and Weekly PLC and Saturday, Sept 27th sponsored by Schiffman Law PC. Please RSVP by calling 602-714-1408

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