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Workers’ Compensation in Glendale

If you are injured or develop an illness that is job related in Glendale, you may apply for workers’ compensation in accordance with Arizona’s workers’ compensation laws, codified in A.R.S. § 23-901 et seq. Workers’ compensation is intended to provide injured workers with compensation benefits and medical expenses, to help them get through the period of time required for their recovery.

Worker Eligibility

Workers’ compensation is a form of insurance that employers purchase. All employers in Arizona who routinely hire workers  as part of their customary business practices are required to have workers’ compensation insurance. To be sure, workers’ compensation insurance is required regardless of whether the workers are full-time or part-time, or whether the workers are minors, family members or illegal immigrants. Workers who are not required to be insured for workers’ compensation include domestic servants, independent contractors, or temporary and irregular workers (i.e., workers who provide services that are not commonly used by an employer). Sole proprietors may elect whether to obtain workers’ compensation insurance for themselves or not.  

No Fault Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ compensation is a no-fault system in Arizona, meaning that as a general rule, workers who suffer on-the-job or work-related injuries are eligible for workers’ compensation, regardless of whether the worker is partially or fully at fault for the injury or illness. Some exceptions are made to the no-fault rule; for example, a worker who purposely causes a self-inflicted workplace injury may not be eligible for workers’ compensation.

What Are My Rights When I Am Injured On The Job?

If you are injured on the job, you must report the injury to your employer. Upon notifying your employer, your employer is required to provide you with the following information:

Within 10 days of your reported injury, your employer must also report your injury to the workers’ compensation insurance provider and must notify the Industrial Commission of Arizona.

Additionally, as a general rule the employer can make the employee seek immediate medical attention from a doctor selected by the employer, but after the initial medical consultation, the worker is free to choose whichever doctor he or she prefers. There are a few limited exceptions to this rule, and an experienced Arizona workers’ compensation lawyer can assist you in determining whether your employment situation is exempt.

Work With A Glendale Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

If you are injured while on the job, you will need compensation and medical expenses for the period of time that you are unable to work due to your injuries. An experienced Arizona workers’ compensation attorney at Snow, Carpio & Weekley, PLC can assist you with your workers’ compensation claim, as well as any possible disputes that may arise between you, your employer, or the workers’ compensation insurance provider. At Snow, Carpio & Weekley, PLC, we believe that you should never have to go uncompensated when you are injured while on the job. Please call us at 855-325-4781 to schedule a free initial consultation.